Video Doorbell 2 - night time recordings are dark

I’ve a Video Doorbell 2.
Daytime is fine. But night time video is dark. Can the reason be that it is mounted adjacent to a wall? Attached is a screenshot of a nighttime video.

It’s because your IR “infrared” lights are bouncing off your brick wall and over exposing the image. You need to either re-move the doorbell or put block extension under it or paint the brick or cover the brick with flat black in order to reduse the over exposure

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This is more from the LED ring light around the doorbell button not the IR lights. I have used blackout covers on the various IR to mitigate the IR and they weren’t the problem.

The LED is too bright when mounted close to a wall and the reflection overpowers everything else.

Ring- please add the ability to turn off and/or dim the LED ring light so angled mounting near walls actually lets you see at night.