Video Doorbell 2 Motion Detection Failure

Video Doorbell 2 suddenly stopped detecting motion. LIVE recording stills works fine. I checked all settings. Sensitivity is high, motion is frequent, no smart alerts, all 3 zones max’d and no schedules set. Did a device reset that did not help. Because of cold weather, I brought camera inside to warm-up and retest. No improvement. I added a solar charger several months ago without incident. WIFI RSSI is on camera is -60 so router may be involved. Recently, camera started detecting motion in only the left zone. At one point, there were 4 red lights lit on the front of the camera. Any ideas of do I need a replacement camera?

If your location is excessively cold (below freezing maybe?) then that can affect outdoor devices. You might check to see what your Doorbell’s rated temp range is.


UPDATE: RING website says "This video doorbell operates best between -5ºF - +120ºF degrees. " A warning says to watch battery failure levels 32ºF. ALSO, all 3 Motion Zones work close-up but only the left zone picks up traffic in the street (about 50 feet away. Are there any other ideas you all can share?