Video Doorbell 2 battery level Windows 10 app vs Android app

I installed the Video Doorbell 2 yesterday afternoon, and have installed both the Windows 10 and Android apps. Shortly after installation I took out the battery and charged it to 100%.

On the Android app I see battery level at 96% which seems ok. However on the Windows 10 app the battery level is stuck at 41% which I believe must have been the level before charging.

To me there seems to be an issue with the Windows 10 app, as I also noticed the Device Health report is giving error code 0x80131500 for which I found a topic logged already, and where someone stated they are already aware and busy fixing that (although that topic is marked Solved already ??).

Edit: in the meantime (approx. 1 hour later) the Windows 10 app shows the same battery level, so it seems there is just some delay in communication between the devices.