Video Door Bell Distorted Audio and Video Hangs during live call


I just installed my wired Video DoorBell Pro. The Device Health shows good RSSI -51-56 db, bell transformer has been changed to be compatible with DoorBell but cannot have decent conversation via the Doorbell to Android Phone Samsung S8/S9 or even MAC laptop device.

The Ring support claims that its internet problem due to the packet drops seen.

But I looked into the router statistics and shows 150Mbs connection with very low error rate.

This what the Ring support said about the packet drops:
"Events Recorded Bitrate Information:

Frames Lost: 14.45%
Frames Partial: 2.34%
Frames Skipped: 13.39%
Frames Good: 69.82%
Packets Lost: 25.47%"

Thanks for the help I have suspicion that its faulty part that I have received, currently the doorbell is only serving the purpose of external camera surveillance with several instances of video freezing and inability to talk duplex via door bell.

Anyone seen similar issue? Please note that the “Unerrored codewords” are significantly lower than the “Uncorectable Codewords” and does not account for the 13-25% drop packets. So even if I am going to get an technician from service provider “Cox”, I dont think there is anything I really have to tell them to check.


SpeedTest Results:

Hi @user3699. It may be worth it to contact your internet service provider to look into any concerns with packet loss, as this could be a problem on their end or even with the wiring for your internet connection. These types of problems may not impact your day-to-day use of the internet, such as surfing the web, but it can then present itself as an issue when it comes to something like using the Live View on the Doorbell. The Live View is like live streaming, which utilizes both download and upload speeds and packet loss will be more apparent.

If your internet service provider can’t find anything on their end regarding this packet loss, then I would recommend following up with our support team on this concern as you may need to speak to the advanced support team. You can give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.