Video door bell 1 installation issue

I got this product as a gift in usa. After I reached india tried to install this in my home. But I couldn’t install it. It is showing error while installing. Someone can help me with this

Hi @Purush. What error message are you running into when you try to set it up? Please take a screenshot and show me what you are running into! :slight_smile:

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Hi@ chelsea_ring, please find the snapshot attached. Please do needful.

@Purush Since the device is not connecting to your wifi network, there may be some restrictions on your router that are not allowing the Ring device to connect. As we do not ship to places like India, this may also be the reason why you cannot setup, as it is not a country we are fully supported in yet. I recommend to reach out to your ISP if they can pinpoint why the setup is being blocked so that it can be changed to allow the device to possibly connect!