Video color incorrect

The video feed from

a newly installed spotlight cam is distorted (incorrect colors). I contacted Ring and the tech reset the cam. This didnt last long, the next morning the colors whent wrong again. Any suggestions on how to reset the camera

Hey @adrianp. You can do a hard reset of the camera by removing it from your Ring app, resetting it by pressing and holding down the setup button for 30 seconds, and then re-setting the device back up! If you find that the color is still off after doing this, please contact our support team via phone again! :slight_smile:

I contacted Ring Support and they sent a replacement, this one works.

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I had the same problem. The colors varied between yellow/green, purple, and blue (at different times and on different days. The problem had existed for about 2 weeks before I tried the steps below.

I had already tried 2 hard resets and 4 app reinstalls with no success.

I called support and went through the following steps:

  1. cut power from the cam (via breaker) for 10 seconds and then restore power to see if resolved. (for me unsuccessful)

  2. [you’ll need a flashlight and access to the cam for this] With access to the cam on a ladder, put the camera in live view so I could see myself. I covered the lense with my hand to block light completely so I could see only black to trigger the night vision (my hand didn’t do the trick so I eventually got a piece of dark cloth). While covered, I taped the top of the camera box (about as hard as you might knock on wood… not too hard, but hard enough for it to know you are tapping… 3 times.) I uncovered the lense and pointed the flashlight light at the lense. For me, it didn’t work the first few times, but then I tapped a little harder and pointed the flashlight faster and about 10% of the view was correct… progress. I did it again, and half of the view was correct. The last time, I tapped different parts of the box and had the light on it immediately when I removed the covering and the view was 100% correct. SUCCESS!!!

  3. Thanked Juan (support) profusely for the ‘unofficial’ recommendation!

That was about an hour ago. Fingers crossed it lasts.

Good luck, I suggest you contact support before trying these steps. I did this under the direction of support as CYA.

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