Video automatically opens when doorbell is pressed

I have the latest android ring door bell app install on my samsung a8 tablet.

I use this as my video intercom at my door, but when the door bell is pressed, I have to go over to the app and press live view, by which time it’s a good 30 - 60 seconds (walk to the door, and wait for the app to open a connection to the ring doorbell).

Is there a way to automatically open the video connection once the doorbell is pressed?

It does this on my Mac computer app, but I want the same on the android app, I’ve looked at what I can see as ‘all’ the settings to no avail.

If this can be done I must have missed a setting.

If this is not possible natively in the app, is there a workaround?



Hi @nikon70. We do not have an auto answer feature for the Ring app. Something that we have recently added isRich Text Notifications. This will provide a quick snapshot when you receive a Ring Alert. This will let you know if you need to answer the notification, or ignore it. I hope this information helps!