VEHICLE & PERSON smart alerts mode

I know that there already is a person smart alert mode in motion settings. This is a wonderful feature that I use on my back door to avoid chipmunks and squirrels and other critters, causing random alerts all the time as I live in a rural area.

However, I would like to suggest the development of a VEHICLE and PERSON smart alert option. The reason for this is that on my front driveway I like to be notified whenever a vehicle pulls into the driveway as well. I have the “person smart alert mode” enabled, but it does not alert me someone is here, until much later when the person finally exits the vehicle.

I would like to be notified much sooner, specifically, when the vehicle turns down my driveway, as it is quite a long driveway. I think these two things should be an option together in the smart alerts option!!! . I would still like to eliminate any unnecessary alerts from small critters, cats, dogs, chipmunks, squirrels, birds, etc. But I think the option to be able to know when vehicles AND people come into your home is a must have feature?!

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