VD3+ lost connection twice now in 2 days…

So I didn’t notice, Ring didn’t inform me that my VD3+ wasn’t connected, happened to wonder why wasn’t getting any notifications.

It had lost connection said, wouldn’t reconnect, so I removed and reinserted the same battery and connected fine, with 70% battery.

Next day I thought I’d check, Ring again didn’t inform me, should there not be a notification to say it hasn’t been seen/connected after so many hours?

Did the same, removed and reinserted the same battery and connected again. This is with same WiFi I’ve used for years and nothing has changed.

Check out your RSSI in the device health section of the Ring app, to ensure for optimal wifi signal. I recommend also checking the Wifi Channel being used, in which the 2.4 Ghz connection will often provide the more dependable connection.

Rebooting your wifi router can also help the network in general.

Hi, the point being nothing has changed, and it dropped twice in 2 days and I didn’t realise for a while on both times.

I didn’t reboot my router, I removed and reinserted the battery and it’s been up again for 3 days now, so it wasn’t my router, and also everything else connected on the router was fine.

Doesn’t bode well, why can’t Ring device tell me it’s offline via a notification, email etc after it hasn’t responded for hours?

Well again it’s gone off again, and I hadn’t realised again, been off for 2 days!?!

It must be faulty. As soon as I remove and reinsert battery it works again for a bit, nothing on my WiFi has changed.

Very disappointed with it, also the battery only last 1 month anyway…

Im having the same issue with mine. I have removed it reinstalled it it only comes back on if you remove the battery and put it back in

Is yours a VD3+ as well? Nothing changed on your network either?

I’m wondering if a firmware update has landed that isn’t good.

This isn’t on, I can’t get to my bell at moment so lost all the functions of it as well.

After over a year I’ve been having the same issue with the same device for over 5 days. Nothing has changed. I have to take the battery out and put it back in for it to reconnect.

Same thing has just started happening to me. No change to the Wi-Fi, had the VD3 for over a year and also a stick up Cam. VD3 keeps losing connection, take battery out and reinsert and it’s fine for a few hours then goes offline again. At the same time Stick up cam stays connected and is further away from the router and from the Chime.

Must be a Ring issue. Have you updated the firmware and introduced an issue?

I have had the same problem for a few days now.
I have connected the Video Doorbell 3 Plus with the solar module.
The Chime Pro is about 2 meters away from the doorbell - so far there were never problems - but recently I have the same problem as you.

Replaced with a fully charged battery. Less than 2 days and now off again. What is going on here? It’s so frustrating and counter productive to it being a security device.

I have a wired ring spotlight and that’s never dropped off, both on same WiFi.

Lost all faith in Ring now. It drops off but now is off for days, either without me realising, or the fact that I can’t get to it. Doesn’t even let me know in the app, text, email that the bell is offline for say 12+ hours

Did a factory reset on Tues, put a fully charged battery in at same time.

All working….for a day, it’s now disconnected again, and I can’t get to change battery yet. It’s broke….must be.

My door bell has lost connection randomly after a solid 2 years with no problem. Nothing has changed wifi wise.

I’ve tried hard reset and don’t get flashing white lights. Charged for longer than 12 hours and still nothing. It’s like the device has packed in.

Any other ideas on troubleshooting?

We’re having the same issue it started last month and I didn’t notice it until last week. We take the battery out and put it back in, works for a day and then it stops. My devise health says the battery level is 91%, I’m still getting safety notices but it’s not letting me know when someone is coming up to my door, it’s given me a notice of RSSI-43 and saying I need to move my router, it’s in the same place it’s been since we installed the Ring a year ago, which is on the other side of the wall from the doorbell. Super frustrated.

@user11035 @user11020 sorry to hear you’re also having problems, but it means it’s not isolated to me.

I believe it is now an update or firmware that they have pushed then. What you describe is the same as me. Do you have other Ring devices? Are they the same? I have a wired spotlight and that’s still ok.

I am going to phone Ring support next week and ask, if you could also as then it should be on their radar if more people report similar issues, I’ll mention others have the exact same issue, if you could to please.

At the moment this is so so frustrating, when it goes off, I can’t get to it straight away so it is off for days as well, and that’s if I now remember to check it.

Any help please Ring?

Let’s face it, its just not a very good product. It works, then every time they update firmware, the device can’t handle it. Continually offline, continually rebooting and resetting. Very disappointing.

It was a good product for me, well not brilliant but knew the job it would do, but now there is something seriously wrong, and not just me.

It’s just happened again to me, luckily I actually pressed the bell and nothing so knew this time. But it went off yesterday. Battery out/in and back up.

I’m phoning ring tomorrow as I believe it’s some update that’s been pushed. If they can’t solve it, it’s out of warranty and I won’t buy another. My ring spotlight is fine though.

Been onto Ring. Started going on (I think it’s all they can check) RSSI value. I stated that it’s only recently started to happen, and before this was fine, didn’t have this problem. I’m now being sent a replacement as was still in warranty.

Didn’t really say why though, I suggested that a recent firmware or update maybe but didn’t confirm

Let’s see how new one goes….

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