Vandalised Doorbell 2 is Tough!

Hi I`m John and new here.

I bought a battery video doorbell 2 about a month ago because Im disabled and live alone. Early on New Years eve a nasty drunk jeolous neighbour poured a full glass of vodka & lemonade and it didnt kill it!
He also squeezed a full tube of glue on it so it was stuck to the outside wall and could not be removed to charge the battery.
Because it was new I tried to fix it.I prised off the wall and removed as much glue as possible which took a while.Thankfully it is still working and I can now unhook it and charge it again.
Of course I am having the nasty neighbour prosecuted by the police!
But the stand-out feature of the video doorbell 2 is that it is tough as old boots and still works fine after being glued and drowned in sticky drink.

Also is it worth fitting the solar panel in the winter up North? - Does it make a difference to battery life?

Has anybody else had their doorbell/alarm vandalised?

Hi @roaduck. First off, I’m sorry to hear about the experience you’ve had with your neighbor. I’m glad that your Doorbell is still in working condition, but you’re definitely welcome to contact our support team regarding any physical damage. They can review the damage and the warranty on your Doorbell to determine if a replacement is needed.

The Solar Panel would provide a trickle charge to your Doorbell’s battery, which can help extend the amount of time between charges. It’s important to note that the Solar Panel does require several hours of direct sunlight per day in order to provide that trickle charge. You can find more information about using a Solar Panel with your Doorbell here. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: