v2.4.18-store (X64) Error: IOERROR

I cannot view my doorbell or cameras at all on my PC with the above aforementioned version! Any ideas please?

Hi @RodJay. Could you let us know what your Windows Ring App version is, the OS version for Windows, and the steps you take to reproduce this? For example, do you open up the app and try to open the Live View from the dashboard or within the Main Menu > Devices > Live View? If you’re able to reproduce this and let me know the steps or even show us via screen recording, this will help us isolate this!

Also, let us know when this started happening for you and if you have any special anti-virus software that could be possibly blocking the Live View from loading. Any new software on your computer like an anti-virus software could be blocking this from loading. Hope to hear back from you soon!

Hi Chelsea_Ring,

The Ring version is as listed in the subject line of my initial post:

Re: v2.4.18-store (X64) My OS is Windows 10 Version 1909 (OS Build 18363.720) it has been happening intermittenly ever since I installed the app from the Windows store using the Live View from the dashboard and via the Main Menu > Devices > Live View and now after the Win update it is constant! There are no instances in any log within Norton Internet Security that relate the Ring app whatsoever!


@RodJay Thanks for that information! I’ve passed this onto my team for them to look into this further, so I will keep you updated with any more information when I hear back from them. Thanks for your patience in the meanwhile! :slight_smile:

Is there a fix for this yet? I’ve had the same issur for over a week now?

Hey neighbors! I’ve just touched base with my team and they have suggested that this may be a network concern that we will need to focus on, specifically with any firewall settings you have on your router. Firstly, if you could check out our Ring Help Center Article [here](http:// https://support.ring.com/hc/en-us/articles/205385394-The-Protocols-and-Ports-Used-by-Ring-Devices ) and make any adjustments as needed. You will need to make sure all ports and protocols are opened, and may even need to look into lower some firewall settings to avoid this error. Additionally, please ensure that any VPN you have is turned off, as Ring’s network settings do not allow for VPNs to be enabled when accessing Ring related apps.

To isolate if this is indeed any firewall settings that may need to be adjusted, you could also follow this example. On your end, please share the LTE/4G from the phone to the PC temporarily to see if you can access the live view. If you can, then this shows that your phone’s network, with no firewalls, allows it, while the network that your PC is using normally, does not. From there you can contact your ISP for further help on how to make adjustments to your router to allow the app to be accessible!