Using Ring doorbell as a customer contact point?

I recently bought a Ring video doorbell for home. All working nicely. I’m now wondering if the technology could be used to provide a contact point for visitors to a community centre I help run.

My idea is to put a video doorbell somewhere in the centre so people using the place can contact one of the volunteer team that run it if they need to (we’re not usually on site). Some of the volunteers already have their own Ring doorbells so are used to them and have the app installed with their own accounts.

For this to work, I need to know if it’s possible to share access to a doorbell to people with a different account to the one the new device is set up with. If so, could volunteers opt in and out of the pool of “answerers” by toggling Ring alerts for the device off and on? More important though is a privacy question - is it possible to disable live view from a doorbell until somebody actually presses the button? If it was possible to view the camera remotely without it being initiated by a button press we’d fall foul of the organisation’s privacy and data protection rules (remember this is not a residential environment).

It seems like an obvious easy solution - are you doing something like this already? Any “gotchas” or reasons it won’t work?

Hi @user23967. It sounds like you are describing a Shared User. You can learn more about Shared Users and their access in this Help Center article here. I hope this information is helpful.