Using Ring App Shortcut Tiles

Shortcuts are a big part of creating your ideal personalized experience with your Ring mobile app to keep you connected with your devices. The square tiles you see above the Cameras section in your main dashboard are called the Shortcut tiles and they are there for you to control your devices faster. For example, I have the Ring Alarm in my setup, as you see in the image below I have my Alarm tile first in my shortcuts section. This is so I can tap the Alarm tile from the dashboard to quickly go to see the status of all my sensors. Learn more about how you can use the Shortcut tiles below.

Customized Shortcut Tile Order
You can easily rearrange and move the order of your device Shortcut tiles in the Ring mobile app. Follow the directions below to do so. Note: You can only manage Shortcuts per location. This is not available in the “All Cameras” view.

  • Open the main menu in the top left corner and select Settings.

  • In the Locations Settings section select Shortcuts.

    • Note: You can also select the Edit tile at the end of the Shortcuts bar.
  • In the Shortcuts section, tap and hold the two gray lines on any Shortcuts bar to drag it into your preferred order. See the example animation below.

Note: To remove a tile from your dashboard, you can drag it to the Hidden Shortcuts section at the bottom of the Manage your Shortcuts section. You can easily drag it back up to the Visible Shortcuts section anytime you would like to bring it back into view on your dashboard.

Shortcut Tile Edit

Different Order Shortcut Tiles on your Phone vs Tablet

The order of your Shortcut tiles is specific to the device you are logged in to. This is so that you can arrange them in a different order depending on how you prefer to use that device.

For example, on my phone, I like to have my lock as the first Shortcut because it is easier for me to reach and I use it often; but, on my tablet, I prefer to have my Alarm as my first Shortcut so I can see the status of all my sensors on a large screen.

Gray Device Tiles in the Ring App Dashboard
These gray tiles are there to help you more quickly set up additional Ring devices. Tapping a gray tile will open a screen where you can go to that device’s setup screen or learn more about those devices. Note: You can rearrange the order of these tiles to your liking, or you can tap the X in the top right corner of the tile to hide gray tiles. Hidden tiles can always be made visible again later.

Remove Shortcut Tiles from the Dashboard
Shortcut tiles are Ring’s way of making the interaction between you and your devices even more personalized. However, if you prefer to not have any Shortcuts on your dashboard, you can drag each to the Hidden Shortcuts section, to hide all Shortcut tiles, see the example above. However, we do suggest you rearrange them with your preferred devices first to see how you enjoy the easy access tiles.

Note: The Shortcuts feature is currently only available in the US and has the following tiles available: Neighbors, Event History, Alarm, Locks, Lights, and Chimes. Check out this Ring Help Center article to learn more about these Shortcut tiles.


Hi, wondering if this is still rolling out to iOS users? I cannot edit the tiles on my dashboard. Thank you


Thank you! I too am wondering if this is still rolling out? I’m on Android running the most recent app ( 3.29.1 ) and don’t have this feature yet. I just stumbled on your post about this and really look forward to this since I just added a smart lock last week, while having no use for the Neighbors tile.

Thanks in advance!

Hey neighbors! This feature is still currently rolling out to customers in the US, and we appreciate your patience while we work to bring it to all our neighbors. We appreciate your excitement for this feature and will make sure to update this article once the rollout is complete and the feature is available for all our neighbors in the US. :slight_smile:

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We used this when we lived in Springfield,VA and found it to be very helpful. Thanks.

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Hello Riley_Ring and Chelsea_ring. I have a concern with the new Ring app 5.30.1. I have been accoustomed to my dashboard shortcuts with two items, Neighbors and History. Now I have Neighbors, History and Edit. How do I get rid of that Ugly Edit button on my shortcut bar?

You might have simplified setting up shortcut items for some poeple who can’t read help instructions, but for those who can you have now messed up their shortcut bar with something that is not necessary (for those who can read). Can you and your programmers rectrify this situation and remove the " Edit" button from the shortcut bar? It would be much appreciated.

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Hi, any plans for rolling it out for Canadian customers? Its a basic feature and should have been there from get go. I don’t understand why it needs such a slow rollout and only in US. I find it pretty cumbersome to go down 4 levels of menu to turn off a light or check sensor status.
Please consider rolling it out for everyone.

I have been using ring cameras for over 2 years but have notes’ since Amazon bought them out the app is not working correctly it keeps going blurred on my iphone 7 + why is is only started doing this since they took over, If you delete the app and re install it it works for a bit then goes all blurry again, Its starting to get very annoying now as its getting to be a weekly occurrence on the app why is this ?

Hi @Wez. I’d recommend contacting your cell phone provider for assistance with your phone going blurry. It sounds like there could be something going on with the phone itself that some troubleshooting on their end may resolve.

Hi, It is not the iphone 7+ as it a pay and go and all other apps work fine and are ok, Its just the ring app keeps blurring out so if you delete it off and reinstall it, It works for a bit then go’s funny again so that prooves its only the ring app !