Useless Notifications!

Sorry to bother here but apparently there is no other place to get any answers. So I was transferred here. I’m seriously curious as to why I continue to get notifications about new features for this ring doorbell that contain no (zero) instructions or links to instructions and the only way out of that screen is to click on the only clickable item, which states “Got it” as if to imply I understand the message. So by default I’m forced to admit to understanding a message containing no instructions or directions whether I understand the message or not. And apparently no where to get that information. Can these corporations get any more cryptic and useless as far as customer service goes? Maybe I need to complain more about unexplained noises in the neighborhood first! Is there a secret password to get any real meaningful information here?

Almost everyone has a small blue link that says “Learn More”. That’s how you can find more information if you don’t understand that basics. You can also search the support site with the search feature. Every new feature is fully explained on the support section. Do you have one or two that you wanted to know about and can’t find? Let us know and either myself or someone here can show you the way or explain it.

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