Use the ring as a web cam

Web cams are virtually impossible to find and if one is available , the prices are astronomical. Is there any reason why I could not use the ring indoor camera on my computer as a web cam for use in Video chatting or Zooming ?

Hey @tennischamp. The Ring Indoor Cam only has the Live View enabled and viewable through the Ring app. Therefore, you cannot use the camera’s view/live stream to then output it and stream for a Zoom call or other streaming platform. I know that you may also have a hard time finding a webcam during this time, as after doing some research myself, it looks like a lot of retailers are out of stock on the more cost efficient ones, or that the once affordable cams are now over-priced from upsellers of an out of stock idea. I have found this concern myself with workout equipment being overpriced from re-sellers. It seems to be the times we are in right now.

I will say though! For cost efficient (other than times like this), Logitech does make reasonably priced webcams that are great quality. I have one myself! I see there is one here that I would recommend, but it is on back order. I recommend to shop around and call around to places like Best Buy to see if they know when the more affordable webcams that are good quality will be back in stock, or if they are already in stock for you! :slight_smile: