Use Sharing feature or just use same log-in on 2 different phones


My wife & I want the same control etc with our new doorbell 2 & our own android phones.

Is it OK just to use the same email & log-in or should I use the Sharing feature.

I assume notifications are specific to each phone App setting or actually is the push notifications the same?

Sorry I have not really investigated myself yet but is there any pro/cons to one or the other method.

Thanks I/A

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Good question, @Bignose2. This will depend on your preference for allowing access. If it’s easier to login using the same credentials and go through the secure login verification this way, feel free to choose this method. You can control any authorized devices that are logged in as “owner” in the Control Center section of the Ring app.

Alternatively, and most popularly, Shared Users is a great option for adding family and friends. Keep in mind, a Shared User does not have the same access as an owner. Here is our help centre article for more details on Shared Users.