Use Power Pro Kit with Ring Wired Doorbell to activate Electronic Chime

I have a Westminster Electronic Chime on my wall. I want to use a wired Video Doorbell. Can I use the Pro Power kit to operate the chime?

Hi @danlee58. The Pro Power Kit is not designed to be used with the Video Doorbell Wired, and we advise against trying to use it this way. As noted on the Doorbell Wired’s product page, it does not sound your existing doorbell chime. You can use a Ring Chime or a compatible Alexa device to hear audible alerts in your home. Hope this helps clear up any confusion! :slight_smile:

I want a video doorbell that is powered by an 16 Volt AC transformer, and will operate my existing Westminster Chime. I have seen a YouTube hack, that incorporates a relay in the doorbell circuit, to close contacts for the chime.
What is the function of the Power Pro Kit?
Does the Power Pro Kit work with the Video Doorbell Pro?

@danlee58 The Pro Power Kit is only for use with the Ring Video Doorbell Pro and is required for installation. If you aren’t sure which Doorbell will be the best fit for you, we have a Doorbell Buyer’s Guide in our Help Center here which make help you compare your options and see what would work best. You’ll also want to check the Chime Kit Compatibility list for the particular model of Doorbell you choose to ensure your mechanical or digital chime kit is compatible. It is worth noting that the Video Doorbell Wired does not ring your internal chime kit.