UPS/FedEx are invisible?

I have the ring doorbell 4 and for the most part it is what I expected. I am surprised however to find that UPS and FedEx do not seem to get picked up. I have deliveries made, driver walking directly at and packages dropped right under the camera yet no recording of it. Sometimes I will get them climbing back into their truck and leaving however that is rare.

It appears from online research that I’m not the only one however I have not seen any real answer on why this is or how to resolve it. Any advice?

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Most delivery people’s job is to delivery a package, not stand around waiting for you to answer the door.
If the delivery person (or anyone) isn’t within view of your Doorbell for say 10 seconds, it doesn’t give the doorbell time enough to wake up and record their movement, except in the cases where they were slow and you record them driving off.
So unless you can make someone slow down when they come to your door there’s not a lot you can do with just your doorbell. You can get other cameras that see motion and link them together. For example, I have one that points to my driveway which sees someone coming. Then that wakes up the doorbell. By the time they reach my front door the doorbell has been recording them for a few seconds.

The same thing happened to me