Upgrade to Ring 2.

I am contemplating upgrading my Ring doorbell to a Ring 2, but have a couple of questions:

  1. I use a power supply with the 25 ohm resistor to power the ring. Will this power the ring 2 and would I leave the resistor in place?

  2. If I installed the first Ring to my black door would I be able to power both with the same power supply?

  3. If I have both rings operational, can I have them both sending alerts to one chime?

  4. Can both Ring doorbells be connected to Alexa? How about multiple Alexa’s?


Hey @TonyMan. If the setup you have now was powering the Ring Video Doorbell, then you will not need to change any of that setup for it to help power the Ring Video Doorbell 2, so definitely leave that resistor in place! Therefore, if you’re able to get the same wiring setup as you have currently and duplicate it for your back door, you definitely can do that as well.

For your Chime question, you can also do this! The Chime can send you alerts for both bells on motion and ding alerts, but please note that there is not a way for each Doorbell to have their own unique tone so you can tell the difference between if it’s your back or front door. Lastly, you most definitely add the device to an Alexa device. I don’t believe there is a cap on the amount of Alexa devices it can connect to, and you can learn more about the Alexa integration in our Ring Help Center Article here. :slight_smile:

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Thanks much. I appreciate it

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