Updating Wired Floodlight Cam from GEN 1

The live-view clarity of my GEN 1 Wired Floodlight Cam is very good. However, compared to 7 other newer Ring camera’s in my feed, I find the clarity of this GEN 1 stands-out as being a little blurry. Ring offered me a discount to buy a newer Ring camera, but I’d rather trade-in the Gen 1…they said no. I also have a RING Security System (love it), but wish there were a trade-in program available to keep all of my Ring products up to date! Thank you.

This is excellent feedback, @SB0722. Thank you for sharing your experience with the Community! :slight_smile:

You might find interest in this Amazon Home Security Trade-in Program. Follow the guidance and links in that article to ensure your Ring device is eligible for trade-in.