Update the IOS Ring app

Please tell your developers to update and upgrade the IOS Ring application. There should be an easy function to select all and deselect all. There should be a function added where a user can click/hold/drag down and select multiple radio buttons for events recorded in order to select specific recordings. A lock event feature should be added to lock specific events in the History timeline.

Hi @Mannyvgood. I’ve gone ahead and moved your feedback to our Feature Request Board. Thank you for your feedback!

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If you go to a camera device, there’s a tile for Event History. If you select that you can see the event history and by swiping an event left you get a set of icons to star, share or delete that event. This works well and as it should. But if you select History from the dashboard you can see ALL the recorded events, but swiping left does nothing. Tap the ellipsis on the right and you get a menu to star, share, delete or cancel. But that menu doesn’t work right - it will star or share or delete something but not the event you selected - it may act on the event about or below the one you selected - or on an entirely different event - leading you to delete or star or share a completely different event - one that you didn’t want to act on.

The way the event history actions work when you access events from a specific device should be the same way the actions work when you select all events from the dashboard history - swipe left, get the action options, and have them really act on the event you selected not on some different event.

This “bug” is in app version 5.48.2 and happens on my two phones and two ipads so it’s an app issue not one that just happens on one device. You CAN delete the intended event by swiping right and selecting the event BUT all you can do this way is delete it - you can’t star or share it as those options don’t present themselves. The dashboard event history should work the same way as the device event history.