Update removed motion zone

Hi, my Ring in door used to have three motion zones, left, center, right. This was really useful as the centre scanned a busy path. Recently updated and this feature is removed - or is it hidden? This is different to the sliding scale of motion zone ‘strength’. Please help. Adam :slight_smile:

Hi @AdamGUK. Are you referencing how the Live View with the MIN to MAX slider has been removed when you are managing your Motion Zone settings for your Stick Up Cam? If you are, we have gotten other feedback from neighbors who have noticed this change, and I can confirm you that this change is intended. Adjusting the MIN to MAX slider will have the same effect on affecting your sensitivity when you are in need of adjusting your motion settings. The lower the sensitivity here, the closer for motion detection it will be looking, and the higher the sensitivity is here, the further out the camera will be detecting.