Unlimited Cellular Backup Data Option

I think ring should look into an unlimited data option for cellular backup. I know that with the new alarm pro there is 3GB of data included each month with a pay per gig option after that. It would be nice if they had an unlimited data option seeing that the data is provided by AT&T. AT&T offers unlimited data plans for vehicles and it would be nice to see this feature added to ring alarm pro, or at least an add-on feature. I have a ring alarm pro setup on my cabin and sometimes the internet goes out. It would be nice to be able to have this as a backup option so I can still surf the web and things.

The AT&T Vehicle plan is not truly an “unlimited” plan as after 22 GB they throttle it to a lower speed.
You wouldn’t even have to get this through Ring, you could roll your own directly with AT&T for 50 GB for just $55/month (just as an example).