Unique or separate settings per Motion Zone including recording and notifications

I have recently been a victim of vandalism and I have been wanting to set my Ring doorbell cam up where the Ring smartphone app records & sends my smartphone push notifications when only a person is detected in the default zone and only records motion that is detected & not send my smartphone a push notification saying that motion has been detected in zone 2. Due to Ring currently not having it where each zone can have their own settings, I have not been able to do that. With that being said, @OverSurge, I, too, would like Ring to have it where each zone can have their own settings.

I would like to be able to select an area or zone where I receive notifications of person detection. This would allow me to record all motion like cars and people walking on sidewalk across the street and only get person notifications when someone is in my yard. I don’t need alerts if people are across the street (though I still want to record it), I only want alerts when they are on my property. I would still like person detection for all areas but only receive notifications for people when there is a person detected and motion in the selected zone.

Toggle all types of alerts on or off separately for multiple motion zones. Don’t have separate areas for person detection. Instead choose whether to receive alerts and what type of alerts in zone 1 and 3 but not in zone 2, but keep it simple and choose person detection for all zones on or off and only change where the motion is when alerts are received.

Example scenario of option selection:

  • Person detection and package detection for all zones on or off -on selected

  • Receive person and package alerts for zone 1

  • Recieve all motion alerts in zone 4

  • Recieve only person detection in zone 2 and 3

  • No recording if there is motion in sections of viewing area not selected as a motion zone.

In the above scenario, it would mean if there is a person detected in any of the zones and there is motion in zone 2 or 3 you will receive a person detection alert. I believe that this method would make the software easier to create and less problematic. This method would eliminate missed person detection alerts in the event when only a persons feet (or only a small part of a person’s body) are barely inside the zone with person detection alerts on.

The only thing that is really changing is being able to select if you receive alerts and what types of alerts for each motion zone created.

The person detection system would not change and a motion event would still be labled as “person detected” even if the person was in a zone not selected to send alerts for person detection.

I agree. I can’t believe this isn’t already a feature as it seem so obvious. I want a zone to watch my vehicle and record if there is motion or a person near it but I don’t need the alert. Like you I just want a person alert for the zone which covers my yard

Two years of votes on this, and it’s still not a feature. Why are separate motion zones a thing if you can’t set them up separately? I live close enough to neighbors that they were driving me crazy setting off my Ring all the time, so I set the motion zone super tight. And that’s how I missed a prowler on my neighbor’s property a few days ago. At my neighbor’s suggestion, I reset the zone to cover more, and now my neighbors and their dog set my Ring off about 70 times a day. Please fix this, Ring. PLEASE.

It would be great if you could customize the “zone” that announces the motion warning. For example, I have my whole property and the street in front recording motion detection. However, I only want a warning to be announced when someone is on my property. I don’t want the speaker sending warnings for everyone that walks by on the street. So besides the “motion zones”, it would be great if you also had “warning zones”
Thank you.

Goodbye Ring, You lost me as a customer because feature never got taken care of for zone based alerts and recording the entire view 24/7. Plus due to the following issues:

  • With a 30 VA transformer, wifi working strongly, my doorbell camera goes offline quite often when someone hits the button.
  • There is no way to remotely reset the doorbell
  • The stickup cam on the backdoor doesn’t collect motion a lot

I may be wrong, but I think my wifi is not the issue. I’m going to bet on someone else.


The Zones for all ring cameras should be improved:

1- Make them independently switchable. In other words, allow each zone to be turned on and off, independent of the other zones. This will help situations where one needs a zone under certain conditions, and a different zone under other conditions.

2- Make the zones independent as far as sensitivity parameters are concerned. Each zone should be customizable with its own unique parameters.


Independent monitoring for 2 zones would be an awesome feature, YES PLEASE!
I would like to record my driveway (1) and street (2) separately but only get live alerts if something enters my driveway. Sometimes, however, it’s important to know what has happened on the street.
This feature seems to be in popular demand. I hope it can be made available soon.

Please provide the ability to set up schedules per Motion Zone. I need to receive notifications for specific areas of the yard only at certain times of day/night.

Is there anyone from RING monitoring this topic, and can provide feedback/acknowledgement? It’s been suggested for two years and I don’t see any responses from RING. I’ve added my vote and here’s my request that mirrors other ones.

  1. individual lighting schedules and notification by zone. I want the floodlights to trigger when people are on my driveway (default zone or zone 1) at certain times (e.g., 2-6 am) but off otherwise. I want to record activity in the wider zone (additional zone or zone 2) but not have the floodlights come on so I can capture traffic near my home but outsizide zone 1 (e.g., street).
  2. in the mobile app, add a “person detected” event filter. The motion detected filter is not granular enough. The “person detected” feature is accurate but you have to scroll through all the motion detected events to find one - wastes a lot of time and increases the probability of missing a “person detected” event.