Unhappy with service, "upgrades"

Spent better part of an hour on hold because I read on the Community that Protect Plus covers all devices, even if original warranty has expired. Camera lens is scratched and they do not offer any way to repair it. Turns out this plan does not cover all devices if the device is out of its original warranty. Had protect plus originally I believe, when we bought the camera, then again when we bought a new system through Costco. Moved this camera to back door, but have to recharge it manually since no power to that location. That is when I researched how to clean and/or fix the lens and saw that it should be under the protect plus extended warranty plan. Anyway, after waiting for an incredibly long time, was told no way to fix lens and no way to replace under the protect plus plan as it is out of warranty. Seems contradictory and somewhat like false advertising to me. Also, FYI, Ring is no longer supported on Windows 10 PCs, and they will not have an app for it until sometime in October! No offer to refund for those months though. My phone is so slow that I cannot usually get to live view in time for anything to work, and it just seems like a waste of money. Will have to check into other systems once the “service” on this one expires next month. Very disappointed, poor customer service and product support!

If you pruchased the Protect Plus plan WHILE the unit was still under one year factory warranty, then that agenet was wrong. This is why folks should consider getting the Basic Plan during the 1 year warranty time frame in order to have videos saved but then switch to Protect Plus right before the 1 year factory warranty anniversary. If you do this, then all units in the home are covered under extended warranty including replacement, plus, of course, the video save feature.