Under Eaves Floodlight Cam

Was looking into getting floodlight cams for some of the spots in my house. Two of those spots containing existing fixtures mounted under the eaves of my room. This chat is more for ring customer support and engineering. I don’t want to use the “hack” to void a warranty and make the current flood light model compatible. I wanted to know if there is any plan to create a mod kit or a flood light cam specfically designed to work under eaves? I am sure I am not the only person wanting and asking about this issue / product.


I have the same question. I’d like to put up a few of these cameras, if they create a version that mounts underneath an eave, like a majority of the existing homes in the USA are designed. Until then, I can’t buy one of these, because I’m not going to pay to cover the existing eave mounts with new soffitting AND have an electrician install a new mount on a wall.

Ring Team - this should be an easy design to figure out and get on the market.