Unbranded battery support

I have a battery Ring 3. I tried to buy a spare genuine ring battery when I bought the unit, but they were shown as out of stock and 3 month delivery :open_mouth: . I bought a unbranded battery from Amazon as they were available immediately. I am just under a month into ownership and find myself having to swap batteries due to low charge. The new battery was fully charged, left on for 3 days and green led. New battery put in the doorbell, re- connected to the wifi, battery level showing 100%. All good so far :grinning: . I got a notification 5 minutes later of a critically low battery. checked the app and the battery is showing 26% now. So, is this just a duff replacement battery? is there something I need to do to reset the battery life or do Ring just make it difficult to support non genuine products? If the latter, it would be really good if they did something about their supply problems! Thanks

Edited to add: I have seen in the main forum this was reported as a fault with mainly iOS versions of the app. Mine in android v3.47.0 and I have forced a re- connect of the wifi as suggested by some of the support staff.

To follow up from this. About 2 hours after the battery was fitted, the app was showing a higher percentage (98%), so it would seem the app does poll the battery life sometime, just not when forced to re- connect. Not sure the unbranded battery is that good though as it has gone from 98% to 83% overnight with the same settings being used as the branded battery.