Unauthorized access of ring doorbell

I have a Ring Pro Video Doorbell, & Ring Video Doorbell 4. Im dealing with a group of people accessing them and yelling out at my neighbors, passers by, and us, via the “Two-way talk” feature. Ive exchaned several doorbells, upgraded to the newest version (4) doorbell aswell. It appears to make a difference for a very limited amount of time, however to our dismay, these individuals start up yet again. I believe they may be “Hackers”, gaining access via the Wifi, and altering the firmware, allowing access to the products without displaying there device accessing them. The ring video 4 doorbell has, a static rain sound that plays off and on, alsi it is the one that the mic is almost non existant, all the while muffled voices can be heard, oddly if i push the “Two-way” microphone button on the app to talk, there voice gets cut off, but returns shortly there after turning the feature off. The Video doorbell Pro, has the same issues however the mic works noticeably better, experiencing the same issues with the wind noises, the yelling out, but not as muffeled to hear the exterior, it appears to catch the interior of our home more then outside for some reason. These individuals also have controled the recording of movement to block the devices from doing so as they see fit. They also delete recordings without our allowing access to the devices. As for the Wifi router it is an xfinity router, i have exchanged it 3 times now, i had to downgrade to a older model as they recently upgraded there products, whitch was the model i had the “white tower version” and was experiencing issues with the chime gaining access to Wifi, i also had to change to the newer version of the chime, this fixed the issue. On the wifi end ive had to disable upgraded extra security “Xfi” to allow the chime to connect thru the router. A representive from Bestbuy geeksquaf informed me of something called a keystroke blocker to assist in blocking of passwords on our devices, however i am not sure what that is. He also stated that if the hacker has gained access via our router they can access any and all devices connected to the router, also he stated that there is something to look for that would show but i would have to know what to look for and that it wouldnt be to easy to do. Not sure if any advice on that issue would be avail but you never know

Any advice whatsoever is greatly appreciated, and welcome. Thank you so much in advance as this has been a udder nightmare to endure and has been goin on now for over a year.

If you aren’t using 2 factor authentication on your Ring account you need to turn it on right away and use it. Don’t use the same password on your Ring account that you use elsewhere, it should be complex (multiple characters, numbers, symbols, preferably random).
On your Routers do you change the passwords for accessing the device? The admin account? The passwords for accessing a WiFi connection? Are you using complex passwords for all your devices?

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