Unable to View past videos. Only 3 Days.

Hello ! ,

I wondered if anyone else is having this issue. You see, When I use my app. I am able to go and see all the history of my ring doorbells and camera up to 3 months. Only when I use it via the website I can only accees 3 days. Is that normal ?

It looks like if it shows me a certain amount of videos and like in an email it will usually say next page but here there is no next page. So … where and how can we accees the file ?

I need to pull something that happened a week ago. Why do I always have to do it Via the app ?

Hey @Simon007. We have been getting reports from other neighbors that our website doesn’t show as much history as the app does. This is because there is limited access on the website depending on the browser, and we’ve seen this on Chrome and IE more than other browsers. Our teams have been working on making improvements on this for the future, so I recommend downloading the app for Windows or Mac to download videos from that app interface in the meantime. Thank you for this feedback, as I can pass this also onto the team that is working on this! :slight_smile: