Unable to unregister device from old hacked email address

I have created a new account with a new email address because my old email address was hacked. My wife had access with her account and we successfully removed the device but when I try to add it to my new account, it says its still registered. I tried calling the 1-800 number but I get thrown into an endless loop of automation and no actual human. I need help.

same thing happening to me. I have had a case open for 2 weeks and have had 0 responses to my email follow-ups. today i recieved an invitation to rate the customer service so it appears my case has been marked as closed ?? frustrated!

Hi neighbors! We do have limited support hours at the moment due to COVID-19, but we truly appreciate your patience. Unfortunately, a team member must assist with changing the email on your account at the moment. We’ll be sure to take a further look into some of these complaints and if okay with you, take a look into your specific customer support tickt and see what happened. Please respond with “that’s okay” to allow us to take a look into your cases (we will be using the email address associated with this account)! Thank you.

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