Unable to unlink Amazon account due to phantom echo

When i try to unlink the account i get the error “We’re not able to unlink because you have an echo or echo show on your linked accounts. Please unregister them from the alexa app and try again.” The Echo Show 10 that shows up in the Ring account does not exist in the amazon account, so there’s no way to delete it. When i select “Search for Alexa-enabled devices”, it also doesn’t discover any of the other 10 echos on the account. Ring transferred me to amazon support, who confirmed that there was no echo in my account with that serial number. This is clearly a problem on the ring side of the ring-amazon account linking, which Ring is blaming on Amazon, even though all the errors occur only on the ring side of things. Fingers crossed they can escalate me to someone who can fix this.

Solved: the reason the “serial number” ring provided amazon was not found was because that was an internal ring serial number. the tech i spoke to at ring was able to find the date the phantom echo was added, so i deleted all of those echos (i added a bunch on that date since i had to factory reset my echos to clear legacy philips hue devices), one of which turned out to be the phantom echo. After which i was able to delete that location (which was the original reason i was trying to unlink my amazon account)

So, feature/bug fix request: if the name of that echo had been accurately updated, rather than just saying “Echo Show 10,” i would have been able to find it and remove it immediately without calling support.

Hi @user18346. Glad you were able to figure this out! I can certainly pass this feedback along for you!