Unable to Setup Doorbell 2


I’m trying to set up my doorbell 2 and having no success. I have scoured the web looking for solutions.

I have already tried

ensuring I am on a 2.5Ghz band,

ensured channels are set correctly

disabled beamforming on Asus router

setup a guest 2.4Ghz wifi - failed

tried another router on 2.4ghz and still failed

done a hard reset multiple times

tried multiple authentication methods on the router.

Every time the light keeps flashing upwards blue and sometimes changes to LHS LED’s

Not really sure what else to try.

Any help appreciated.



Hey @fyfey96. It looks like we may need to explore some of your network settings to see if we can open up the router to allow the Ring device to connect. If you can, please visit our Ring Help Center Article here for more information on what Ports and Protocols show be opened up, as well as recommended router settings. Let me know if after adjusting these, you’re able to complete setup!


Thanks for your reply. I’m not really sure what attached gives me as I cannot set up my device on my network to be able to forward any ports to it.


@fyfey96 You may need to be in touch with your ISP, but you will have to adjust the settings on your router to open up the ports to allow the Ring device to connect. Not having these ports open can restrict the network from allowing the Ring device to connect and join in the first place. Feel free to reach out to your ISP to get these sorted out, if not, you may be able to make the changes to your network router’s settings online, if your ISP has a system like that set up.