Unable to setup disarm by voice

I have setup the skill in Alexa and I can arm the alarm but I cannot setup the disarm by voice feature.

When I attempt to enable the disarm by voice option in the Alexa app it takes me to a page to enter my amazon password but then just return to the menu with an error of

“Alexa was unable to update the preferences for this device. Please try again”

I have tried it repeatedly, remove and re-added the skill etc.

I have a hunch it may be around 2FA but I don’t really want to disable 2FA to test it…

Has anyone else come across this and / or setup disarm by voice with 2FA on their accounts?

Turns out this was one password. Copying and pasting the password took me through to the 2fa screen.

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Hi @jameson_uk. Glad to hear that you were able to figure this out!