Unable to log in to ring App on iphone 12 pro Try later

I am unable to log in to ring app on iphone 12 pro IOS 14.3 It started with the dashboard not being available in the app over last few days,
Tried deleting app.
now get error messages logging in and cannot get beyond them, “An error occurred Please try again later”
installed latest IOS update
Tried factory reset of phone. After support said it was my only option also tried installing rapid ring on the phone and get “unknown error, it seems we are having trouble logging you in at this time, Please try again later”
Tried on wifi only, 4g only and both
No Joy
Works on other devices just not my phone.
Support said to contact apple but seeing as every app on the phone apart from Ring apps work I would suggest they will point me back to ring.

Can anyone assist.