Unable to download and install Ring app for Windows 10

I have been using the Ring app for a couple of years now without any major problem. Yesterday, however, when I tried to open the app and view recordings, it failed to operate showing only one still picture despite my trying to click other recordings.

Subsequent attempts to use the app result in an error code 406.

In the first instance, I contacted Ring who advised me to delete the app from my laptop, re-boot, and re-install the app.

I followed these instructions but when I opened the Microsoft Store to download the app and clicked ‘install’, nothing happened. Nothing at all. The screen remained exactly the same. The one message at the top of the page informed me that I already own the app. However, I have checked and cannot find any trace of the app on my computer.

I contacted the Ring help people who eventually denied any responsibility, accusing Microsoft of being the problem!
Fortunately, I can still use the app to view recordings on my smartphone.

I am still unsure as to whether the fault lies with Ring or Microsoft.

I’d value any help as to how next to proceed.


Sounds like a Microsoft error of some kind.
This Microsoft site may help.

if the error you are getting is “406 Not Acceptable” and you use a VPN… try turning the VPN off when you try to connect to ring.com (re-enable afterwards). Had the same problem trying to sign-in or simply access the ring website.

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