Unable to connect Z-wave switches

I have two outlet switches that worked great on ADT Pulse. I removed from pulse and reset them but am unable to add to Ring via the “works with ring” setup in the app. They are GE Dimmer Lamp ZW3103, and Jasco Light ZW4101. They both have z-wave logo (not z-wave + if that matters?). Anyone have success with either of these connecting to Ring??

Hey @Jpc2028. Is there a way to factory reset your Dimmer Lamp and Light? If you can factory reset them, sometimes this helps them be able to go into discovery mode again to be found from the Base Station. In addition, if you are able to connect them, please note that you may have limited functionality or still be unable to add them/use them properly. This is because these devices are not listed in our supported Z-Wave devices that work with the Ring Alarm system. Let me know if you’re able to get them added, and maybe other neighbors with a similar experience may chime in here!