Unable to change address

I set up the neighbors app a while back when I lived at a different address. When I moved a few months ago I tried to change the address. It gives me a pop up saying the address must be verified and then tells me it will take 10 minutes to move the address. The issue that I have is it doesn’t change that address, it adds anew one but leaves the old one in place. I keep getting alerts for that location despite not living there anymore. Is there a way that I can permanently change the address without having multiple addresses set up?

Hey @Klturi421. You can delete a location when you are toggled under the location in the Ring app, and then going into settings > trash can next to location > removing said location. This is so that you don’t have multiple addresses on your Ring account. Although, for the Neighbors app, it will still have the old location there. You can go into the settings under that old location in the Neighbor’s section of the app > notifications > mute all notifications. This is what I have done recently to ensure I am not getting alerted from an area I do not live in! We are working on a way to get old Neighborhood locations deleted.