Unable to answer rings, view live or history videos

Since August 27th, I have been unable to view live or view history videos, I’ve tried both online at ring.com and through the app. If I try to view a video from August 27th on when online, it says “Your video is processing, please try again shortly”. I’m also unable to answer rings through the app. I still receive notifications of rings and motion detection, but can’t answer or view.

I found a post that said to uninstall and reinstall the app, this did not work. I disconnected, reboot and set up the doorbell all over again, updated firmware and reconnected to wifi. Still couldn’t connect. Now getting a “streaming error”. Went to the doorbell location and did a speed test. Download was 57.34 mbps and Upload was 29.62 - far greater than the 2 mbps Ring advises!

Device is 1st generation Ring Doorbell (purchased 2016), it is hardwired, power status is Very Good, signal strength is very good (RSSI-58), firmware is up to date, and the device health report says your Ring Doorbell has a clean bill of health.

Does anyone know why the video is just gone?? Device is useless without this!


After finding a related thread on this issue where several people experienced something similar starting on the same day, I called Ring support. Once he determined I had taken all the “level 1” steps necessary, I was quickly escalated. Long story short, there appears to have been some sort of change made in my router, which is controlled by my ISP. He was able to walk me through the steps to basically “clear” access for the Ring doorbell again through the router and now it’s working. I strongly suggest contacting Ring support if you are having this issue. Although it’s happening to several people, the common denominator may be ISP/router related and not an issue with Ring.

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