(UK) Ring Alarms goes into 3G mode every evening at 11.04pm, and back to WiFi at 6.04am

Hi all,

For the last 5 days straight, my ring alarm (UK based) has jumped onto 3G backup at 11.04 exactly, and then reconnected to Wifi at 6.04am. I believe this happened straight after an update after a power off (although I can’t find any diagnostics on either the upgrade or the errors).

I have tried;

  1. Switching Wifi AP’s between 2 different AP’s

  2. Switching from 5Ghz to 2.4Ghz

  3. Reboot of base station

I have other ring devices running on wifi that remain connected. The alaram base station IP address is DHCP reserved (and has a long lease length), so I don’t believe it’s address related. I’m also 99% sure my router doesn’t disconnect it with some strange timed base rule.

Next steps are;

  1. Hard wire to ethernet to prove wifi issue or not

  2. Factory reset - engineers fix :slight_smile:

Has anyone elese experienced this as all? Any help appreciated!

Regards, Jason

You know I said 99% right - well writing this got me thinking. Turns out that I had an old firewall rule to prevent my son using Wifi overnight - he’s off to uni now, and guess what picked up his phones IP address :slight_smile: DOH!

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