UK Alarm When Internet Connectivity Lost


I have to double check, but having spoken to a member of Ring staff on live chat support, I’m under the impression that if a burglar cut the internet cable running into my house, he could simply open the front door and the alarm siren would not sound.

Please tell me this isn’t true.

Hey @rhysowen. If you have the Ring Alarm set up with the Ring Protect Plus Plan for cellular backup, you will not need to worry about your Ring Alarm falling offline if the internet connectivity is lost. You can learn more about what happens in the event your internet is cut in our Help Center Article here.

Hi @Chelsea_Ring ,

But what happens if I don’t have a subscription? Would the siren still sound if the internet had been disconnected but my armed system was triggered?

Glad you asked @rhysowen! Cellular Backup is included with a Protect Plus Plan. The Protect Plus Plan subscription is required for this feature to be obtained. Without Cellular Backup, or Protect Plus Subscription, your Alarm will only have battery backup. If you are not subscribed and are without the Cellular Backup option, we’ve seen neighbors look into wifi routers that feature battery backups, for any power outage instances. Check out our help center article about Cellular Backup, for more information. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:


I don’t think that answers my question still.

If the internet is disconnected (as someone has cut the wire, for example), but the power to the alarm is still on, will the siren still sound if someone opens my front door if I do not have a Ring Protect Plus subscription.

I also asked a guy on your live chat last week, who gave the same answer. I also rang customer services and that guy said “I guess so”. Why does nobody seem sure of how to answer my question?

Thank you for clarifying @rhysowen! In this specific scenario, where there is no network connection and no cellular backup due to not being subscribed, your Alarm Base Station will lose connection. As it does not have a form of communication available, your armed mode will not change, nor will siren sound. Once connection is restored, the Alarm system will reconnect and should return to it’s last known mode.

If you are concerned about specialized burglars or a scenario such as this one, we recommend adding Cameras to your “Ring of security”. This will help to cover the outside of your home as well as the inside! :slight_smile:

So are you saying that without an internet connection - either via the customer’s internet or the protectplus backup - then the alarm wont sound locally? That seems like a huge hole in the product to me. Why should the local alarm system need an internet connection in order to sound?

Because you’re not buying any ‘local alarm’ and it’s not advertised as such. The real advantage is that you can control it and receive signals being anywhere, it has cellular and battery backup, it has billion of smart functions and options, it integrates with digital assistants, locks, cameras, it is expected to be a premium product by design, £8 pm or £80 pa is nothing for someone who buys the house and then equips it with premium price alarm and accessories and paying hundreds of pounds. You can always have a choice and still use your good, old Honeywell which works well and costs nothing.

And of course Ring Team Support member will not tell you this, so I hope I helped you understand what you are buying and why. Have a lovely day.

Hey neighbors! If you’re still wondering how your Ring Alarm will behave when it goes offline or loses it’s connection to the internet, please check out our Help Center Article here for more information. In the event you may still have some questions and concerns, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19. This has resulted in longer than normal wait times.