Ufo caught on ring camera

My ring camera caught a UFO on video but ring would not let me share it with my community/neighbors WHY? It was rejected by ring because they said its against their guidelines. How’s that? Maybe my neighbors saw it as well and they should know about this if they didnt see it

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Here are the Neighbors Community Guidelines for details on what type of things should be posted or shared there.

Sharing events that match those guidelines will help your posts be approved, as well as help other neighbors in your Community. Feel free to also check out additional platforms, such as nextdoor, for sharing additional things with you neighbors.

Unsure if you intended to post in Feature Requests, but I’ve moved this to our General Questions category. Feel free to check out our Feature Request Board to search for this request and vote, or even create your own request if one does not exist. :slight_smile:


Thanks for shqring…cool ufo.