U.K. need more devices, including z-wave, and better alarm monitoring

ring say they will listen to neighbours outside USA & Canada…
… so if you agree with the below features for the U.K. ring alarm system please tell them.

  1. The U.K. ring alarm owners would buy z-wave+ products like smoke alarms and water leak devices, locks… and many more. Ring say the frequencies are different, but this is same for WiFi devices with international products tuning to the right frequency based on location. It’s a real shame that ring haven’t made their add on devices able to tune to U.K. frequencies, especially when China and many other countries use the same frequencies.

  2. Alarm Monitoring in the U.K. is restricted to phoning a list of people who need to do something if the owners are not able to respond to their alarm phone alerts. In the USA their monitoring folk are allowed to call the emergency services like police, fire, ambulance if they think it’s needed including if one of the panic buttons are pressed. After checking with a number of U.K. service providers and authorities ring could also do this if they wanted to.