Two way Audio occasionally works

I’m using the latest wired video doorbell with ring transformer plus Amazon Echo Show 5 and the Ring skill enabled.

Everything appears to work, someone presses the doorbell, the phone chimes and the video launches on the Echo Show 5. I can see and hear who’s at the door and the mic is disabled on the echo show. So the person at the door cannot see or hear us (phew). But when I enable the mic by pressing the screen on the echo show the person at the door rarely hears me.

However if I start the video from the Echo Show by saying “Alexa answer the front door” the two way audio and the video works and I can talk to the person at the door.

Is there a problem caused by the ring doorbell communicating with my phone and my Echo Show at the same time? I’d like to test this by completely dissabling the phone app because I have echo dots and echo shows in the house.

David T

Thank you for sharing your experience in great detail, @Tugbert! You’ve covered all the best steps, from trying different Ring event types (motion, live view) on the Echo, to pressing the microphone on the screen. Please also attempt on another mobile device, and ensure there is not a vpn enabled on it. I also recommend checking connection strength of both your Rind device (RSSI) and your Echo device.

We’ve seen neighbors around the Community share a similar concern, and some steps that worked for them in this Community thread. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile: