Two-Step Verification Code and Password Reset does not work

Hello, I have been having problems with my Ring Doorbell Pro (cannot change motion settings or snooze). So, I had deleted the app to see if reinstalling it will help fix the issues. I have received and tried multiple verification codes sent to me via text and have also tried to reset my password and nothing is working for me. When I enter the verification codes they give an error message stating “The operation couldn’t be completed.” When I’ve tried to reset my password is gives and error code “505” or it gives a blank page so I cannot see anything. I’ve tried resetting the password on my iPhone 8 and also on my computer but I keep getting the same issues. It is very frustrating. I definitely need help!

*Tried to reset password again and now the page will not populate. I’ve tried it twice. There are definate issues with the website.

Sorry to hear about this @Cora74! It is possible this concern may have been in reference to our status at or the announcement on our Community page. Our team is currently working to resolve this, and updates will be communicated on the status page.