Two routers - Ring going offline / online

I have put a second Asus router between the Huawei router of the ISP and my network. The Asus router is set up with a static WAN IP address and connects to the LAN port of the Huawei router. The Asus WAN IP address is set up in the Huawei DMZ to avoid double NATing.

Since then my Ring alarm is reporting going offline and coming online again.

Any suggestions on how to debug this?

Hi there, @TokyoRing! It sounds like there are two access points here, which may be causing a confusion in connection. Prioritizing through settings was a great call. Try also ensuring that the modem/ router providing connection to the new access point is in bridge mode. Bridge mode will disable the wifi radio on the resource supplying modem/ router, thus leaving the access point to connect all your in home devices. This could avoid connection confusion.

Try also connecting your Alarm Base Station via ethernet instead. Here is our help center article with tips on using Ethernet connection. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: