Two locations with two different groups of users

I am researching an aspect of the ring doorbell for my office. (Note: I do not own this business) I already have an account for my ring system at home. My family has access to that. But with my boss wanting one here for COVID protection of our receptionists how do I keep these plans separate? Do I need to create a separate account for work and constantly sign in and out of both accounts or can I make the doorbell at home accessible to only my family and the business bell only accessible to coworkers? I love being able to know who is at my home when I am not I don’t want to make that inaccessible to me while at work.

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Hey @Abombally. Do you want the Doorbell attaching to your current Ring account, or set up through another email address and account? If you don’t care about it being linked to your email address as the owner, you can set up the new device, and when setting up the device for your office, you will create a new location for your office and that device. Then, from the Ring app, you will tap on your Location after Dashboard in the Main Menu to toggle between these two notifications. For shared users, it is up to you who can see them, so you can continue to have your family see the devices at your home location, and then add the shared user for your work people on the other location. This will be done from the settings tap in your Ring app, and from that location with the work device. If you have any issues when setting this up, let me know and I’ll be happy to help! :slight_smile:

I want to add my office doorbell account into my home doorbell account so that I respond on both calls. How can I do that I have the credential of my office doorbell?

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Hey @adilj25! This can certainly be done with one Ring account/ app. The Ring app has a locations section, which allows you to switch between locations when you wish.

As long as you used the same Ring account to setup your Ring devices, the Ring app will have no problems housing the multiple locations in one app. Once all devices are setup and configured using the same Ring app/ account, notifications can be received from various locations at once. Each location will be conveniently organized in the Ring app, and you may switch between locations at anytime using the location drop down option. Keep in mind, Protect Plan subscriptions are applied per location. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: