Two factor auth for community login is broken

I just logged into the community for help for the first time and noticed a few issues:

  • Despite having two-factor auth disable on my account, the community still required an email code to be entered

  • The first couple times I tried to login with the emailed code, the page took me right back to the inital email and password login page. **Each time I tried and it emailed me a code, the code was the same. ** I gave up and closed the page

  • ~10 minutes later I tried again, and again the exact same code as before is what was emailed to me. This time I was successful in logging in (Clearly, I’m posting this :))

Sending the same code over and over for two-factor completely defeats the purpose of having it.

Hey @pumpernickelBrad. Since the login for the Community platform and your Ring account are the same, you will be running into having to be prompted for a code every time you login! Once you have disabled 2FA, there is still 2SV present on the account, as we have made it a requirement with your Ring account. You can learn more about this in our Community post here! If you wish to get a text message instead of an email so you are doing whatever is easier, feel free to go back to 2FA in order to get a texted code to your phone. I personally do this, as it’s easier than checking my email.

In regards to your point of getting the same code, this is because after 10 minutes, the code you were getting will become expired. Therefore, within the first 10 minutes, it will continue to be the same code, which may be why you were emailed the same code. This is in case you accidentally delete a message or an email and need another code, but don’t have to wait 10 minutes for a brand new one! Just wanted to get this cleared up for you, however, if you continue to experience this concern or get invalid code error messages, please let us know so we can take a deeper look into this! Thanks again, neighbor. :slight_smile:

I had exact same problem first time in. I have Face ID on my phone so even more complicated and confusing but hey? Here I am. It could be easier. Never heard of anyone using a verification code on every log in. What is it that is actually being protected here? It’s conversation not banking.

It’s tied to your Ring account. So unless you want people talking to you like seen on TV, it’s a major reason. The website has access to your account when you log in.