Two Alarm Systems at same address

I have Ring Alarm at my home and I want to add another Ring Alarm system at another distant building on my lot. The other building has its own wifi system. Both buildings have the same address. How do I install two accounts at the same address?

Hi @kh6dmx. It is not really recommended to have two Ring Alarm systems at the same physical address as the system isn’t designed to support this. Only one Ring Alarm system can be installed at a given location in the Ring App, which is differentiated based on the address provided.

Since you do have a separate wifi system at this building, you may look into utilizing one of our Security Cameras to monitor the building and help keep it secure. You can check out our Security Camera Buyer’s Guide here to learn more about the different models we have available to see if one may be a good fit for this separate building. I hope that helps. :slight_smile: