Turns on and off constantly

We have 6 ring floodlight cameras and 4 are installed. My wife can’t sleep as the cameras turn on and off constantly throughout the night. She calls our house the “fun house” and we are “ those neighbors” in the neighborhood. Before rating the product and returning them all to Costco, I thought I would reach out. I have disconnected all from the WiFi as I though that was part of the problem. It is no different.

Sorry to hear about this experience @filbie70! Is it the lights that are triggering too often, or are you receiving too many motion alerts/ recordings?

Our devices are designed to fit most residential environments through customizable settings. We often recommend testing different configurations, from all ranges of zones and sensitivity, in order to tailor your cameras to the environment. Let us know which is the concern, we’re happy to help further! :slight_smile:

It is the lights. We have completely disabled the alerts.

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