Turn off the button light at night

Hi, i installed the latest hardwired Ring doorbell.

At night i see the button light up constantly what is affecting the nightvision terrible.

Because the white light is reflecting of a wall on the left of the doorbell.

Is there a way to turn off this button light at night? Or maybe dim it.

Or has anybody another suggestion to solve this?


@Tjerk Its not the blue light round the button which is causing it. Its the infrared light from the IR LEDs used for night vision. The IR light is reflecting back off your wall creating IR washout. Go into your app and select your doorbell, then settings, the video, then I think its night vision. There should be 3 options. One is called wall nearby which will dial down the IR intensity. If this still doesn’t work try the option called well lit area (this will switch the IR off but may make it hard to see. Another option is a wedge kit to angle the doorbell way from the wall. This is actually what I would do personally as that brick is just wasted space in the video. Might as well angle it away and see more useable stuff.